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About the Author
Ali Ünal is a columnist for the
daily, and the author of
Addresses Contemporary Issues
The Crossroads, and Essential Concepts
in the Holy Qur’an
. Taken from extensive sources of Islamic jurisprudence
and history, Ali Unal’s work shows how the holy book of Islam is understood
an interpreted in the Islamic tradition.
Ali Ünal
General Principles
The Risale-i Nur Collection offers general
principles relating to all aspects of Islamic life,
jurisprudence, and fields of knowledge. With
its source as the Divine Wisdom, or the Divine
Name of the All-Wise, its purpose is to provide
guidance on thinking, believing, and living
according to the precepts of Islam. Additionally,
it explains the essential truths that form the
foundation for Islamic knowledge and science.
Brilliantly organized and highly readable, this
book serves as a compilation of general principles
and standards extracted from the Risale-i Nur
Collection. It is a handy introduction to the
conceptual framework of Said Nursi's thoughts.
ISBN: 9781597843690
6" x 9" / 552 pages
Paperback US $24.95
Pub. Date: June 2015
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