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About the Author
M. Fethullah Gülen is one of the most influential thinkers and authors of
the Muslim world today. His ideas have inspired a social mass movement
which has established schools, dialogue centers, and relief work in
over 160 countries worldwide. A retired preacher currently residing in
the US, Gülen has authored more than sixty titles on Islam, interfaith
dialogue, spirituality, and peaceful coexistence, including
Muhammad: The
Messenger of God
Toward a Global Civilization of Love and Tolerance,
Emerald Hills of the Heart: Key Concepts in the Practice of Sufism
His official web site is
M. Fethullah Gülen
Endeavor for Renewal
True renewal is achieved by synthesizing an
established, inherited set of values with the
wisdom and learning of the present day. Turkish
Islamic scholar, who inspired a movement of
education and interfaith dialogue, M. Fethullah
Gulen shares his philosophy on this complex
subject in this collection of his powerful essays,
Endeavor for Renewal. In this extraordinary
book, he puts forth his thoughts and feelings to
achieve renewal in the context of contemporary
Gulen discusses how this reconciliation
is accomplished through a combination of
spirituality, intellect, feeling, and willpower-
utilizing the power of the spirit to its fullest,
having a thorough knowledge of that which has
been inherited from the past, remaining open
to inspiration, rejecting blind imitation, and
applying sound methodology.
He advocates serving humanity with
an insatiable love of research, and an ever-
evolving passion for knowledge of God—thus
attaining an otherworldly profundity beyond
ISBN: 9781597843348
6" x 9" / 288 pages
Paperback US $14.95
Pub. Date: June 2015
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