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Tughra Books is dedicated to producing high-quality publications
that contribute to the proliferation of peace and common
understanding throughout the world. Tughra publishes books
on Islam as a religion, Islamic history and art as well as Islamic
spirituality and traditions. Based in the US and with offices in
Istanbul, Cairo, London, and Frankfurt am Main, Tughra aims to
introduce to the book industry publications with reliable information
on this one of the major religions of the world. In doing so, Tughra
Books hopes to make a contribution to peaceful co-existence
in a globalized world through publications that foster common
understanding and mutual respect. Its emphasis is a true image
of Islam, as a religion so many people curious about, Islam as in its
authentic sources, the Qur’an and the traditions; Islam in history
and today; in the East and in the West; with its contributions to
human civilization in science, art, thought; Islam with devotions in
the heart, with reflections in the mind; Islam practiced by men and
women in the mosque, at home, and at work.
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