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About the Author
Rabia Christine Brodbeck is a renowned modern dancer. Born in Basel
Switzerland Brodbeck was trained in ballet and modern dance in London.
After embracing Islam she now lives in İstanbul where she gives dance
lessons. At the 2009 New York Book Festival, her book
From the Stage to
the Prayer Mat: The Story of How a World-Famous Dancer Fell in Love with
the Divine
won best book in the category of spiritual books.
ISBN: 9781597843225
6" x 9" / 240 pages
Paperback US $15.95
Rabia Christine Brodbeck
The Longing of the Soul
does not aim to represent
a guideline for the correct understanding and
the correct execution of the Prayer rituals, nor
does it represent a guideline for the Islamic
jurists. This book tries to reawaken the sacred
sensibilities we have lost. The essential goal lies
in the attempt to bring back the love we have
lost in terms of the acts of worship the Almighty
enjoined us to fulfill, the joy of obedience to His
command, and the pleasure of having faith in
This book represents an attempt to shed light
on the inexhaustible treasures within ourselves.
The seed of eternal love, which is granted by the
All-Merciful, grows within the deepest interior
of man. It is the raison d’etre of our sacred origin;
it is the wealth of human goodness.
The Longing of the Soul
Also by Rabia Christine Brodbeck
From the Stage to the Prayer Mat
ISBN: 9781597841429
Paperback US $15.95 6" x 9 "
312 pages
E-book ISBN: 9781597846127
US $9.99
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