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    The Young Persons Guide to Nourishing Faith

    by Asli Kaplan
    • PAPERBACK : 2012-12-21 • 196 Pages • 5.5 x 8 inches inches • ISBN 9781597842808
    • CATEGORIES Interfaith Dialogue, Backlist, Forthcoming
    • PRICE : $14.95
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    A new book in the popular series, The Young Persons Guide to Nourishing Faith addresses such concepts as how to recognize God’s blessings, attain the freedom to become a believer and achieve the characteristics of a devoted Muslim. Kaplan also shows young people how to improve their relationships with people through the practice of faith.


    • Knowledge Reaches its true value by means of worship • God has many blessings upon His servants but t the most important of them is to be aware of His blessings. • Those who don’t have a proper relation with God can’t have a good relation with people, too • True freedom is to be loyal believer of God • A devoted believer cannot give way to despair

    Asli Kaplan
    Asli Kaplan

    Asli Kaplan is an educationalist and staff writer for Kaynak Publishing Group. Kaplan has authored publications such as A Young Persons Guide to Living Islam and What, Why and How Parts 1 and 2.