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    The Fruits of Worship

    by Abdullah Aymaz
    • PAPERBACK : 2012-12-12 • 170 Pages • 12,5 x 19,5 inches • ISBN 9781597842525
    • CATEGORIES Interfaith Dialogue, Backlist, Forthcoming
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    Emphasizing the character of the religion of Islam as consisting of faith and practice, this book analyzes thoroughly the five most important "pillars of Islam" that form the core of Islamic life, namely the profession of faith, the Prayer, which is the first practical manifestation of faith, fasting, charity, and pilgrimage to Mecca. Explaining lucidly the necessity of fulfilling these "pillars" of Islam with the intention of pleasing God and purely for His sake, the author gives us insights into the moral, spiritual, psychological, physical, individual, and social aspects of these five central practices of Islamic worship in the context of our modern age of globalization.Abdullah Aymaz is a renowned Islamic scholar and columnist for Zaman daily.

    Abdullah Aymaz
    Abdullah Aymaz

    Abdullah Aymaz was born in Kutahya, Turkey. He completed his Higher Education at Izmir Yuksek Islam Enstitusu and he worked as a teacher in Tire and Izmir. He currently works as a journalist for the Turkish newspaper Zaman.