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    Surrendering to God: Understanding Islam in the Modern World

    by Eren Tatari
    • PAPERBACK : 2012-12-16 • 176 Pages • 6 x 9 inches • ISBN 9781597842709
    • CATEGORIES Interfaith Dialogue, Backlist, Forthcoming
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    The word Muslim is commonly used like a brand name: One is either a Muslim or not. In this book, Tatari expounds on the literal meaning of being a Muslim, which is the verbal noun submitter. She explains that one is a submitter (aka. Muslim) if and when she is surrendering her mind, heart, and actions to God’s will. The book engages all intellectuals who seek a deeper knowledge of Islam. It offers insights into the worldview presented by Islam to common theological, spiritual, and social issues and existential questions.


    Surrendering to God: Understanding Islam in the Modern World Dr. Eren Tatari is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Rollins College, FL. She completed her Ph.D. at
    Indiana University and her M.A. from Purdue University.
    She received a B.A. from Franklin and Marshall College,
    PA in Government and Economics. Her teaching and research
    focus on Islam and Muslims in the West.

    Review Poetic, open and ground breaking, Surrendering to God is a manual of soul searching; a read fit for new Muslims, as well as Muslims reacquainting themselves with their faith.

    Azizah Magazine
    Volume 7, Issue 4(2014)

    Islam is at its core obedience to God, but it has come under much confusion in the modern age. "Surrendering to God: Understanding Islam in the Modern Age" discusses the modern place of Islam, and the meaning of Islam and being a Muslim - one who submits to the will of God. Encouraging readers of all faith to read and gain a more comprehensive understanding of modern faith, "Surrendering to God" is a must for Islamic studies and social issues collections.

    Islamic Studies Shelf, The Midwest Book Review

    “Reading this book is like sitting down to have a cup of tea with Eren. The work is in a category all its own; it is neither an academic survey of Islamic theology nor an attempt to seek converts. Instead, Eren patiently shares precious jewels of wisdom gleaned from the Islamic tradition to readers of all backgrounds. It is my hope that readers will not focus on the theological differences they may    instead open their hearts to the book’s universal message to love and submit to God.”
    Clare Corado

    “First off, you don't have to be a Muslim to appreciate this book... it's written for universal audience. This book explains brilliantly how we ignore appreciating The Creator for the simplest of things and one phrase which really struck me very early in the book: "for an apple to come into existence, the whole universe has to exist". I can go on and on how much I enjoyed reading this book and how it's helping me be more humble and appreciative towards Our Creator and His creation.”

    “Since I'm not Muslim, I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. I found that while I did learn more about Islam from reading the book, it also inspired me as a Christian to get to know God better and try to "submit" to His will for my life. I think anyone who is trying to grow closer to God and reflect on what is truly important in life will find this book inspiring.”

    “This is a very unusual book. It does not take anything for granted but deconstructs and questions all claims. I felt that it is very honest in dealing with human emotions and doubts. It can belong to the self-help genre. It addresses the basic existential questions we have. They torment us when they remain unanswered. For those of us who left our life to the current of daily activities and feel like drowning without any meaning, it might be an opportunity to pause and reset.”

    “This book brings a personal and fresh view at Islam as a way of life that is practiced in daily life. It deals with theoretical concepts yet is extremely practical. It gives a new perspective to life; Islam that is lived rather than just read. The arguments and explanations made perfect sense. I strongly recommend this book for any person interested in the concept of surrendering to God.”

    Book Review by Dr. Rayna Flye, (Beaverton School District in Oregon):
    Surrendering to God: Understanding Islam in the Modern Age by Dr. Eren Tatari (Tughra Publications, 2012) In this post-9/11 world the word "Muslim" conjures up many images and has many connotations. Real knowledge or understanding of Islam however, is few and far between. This book, I think, helps to bridge the divide. While perhaps intended for Muslims (or muslims, as I have learned from the book that there is a distinction), this book makes great reading for those early in their relationship with Islam, and for those who are just generally curious about Islam and what it means to be a muslim. As a Christian, I found the overlap in the principles of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism comforting in an era when there is all too much emphasis on our differences.

    "Being a Muslim" is not a how-to, nor is it an academic text. Instead, it is an occasionally biographical account of one woman's journey deeper into her religion that manages to address the larger points of what being a follower of Islam means. Tatari is clear in emphasizing that this is her account, and should not be seen as the definitive guide. She also emphasizes that the relationship one fosters with their Creator is a personal one: "Faith is a personal matter between a believer and her Creator."

    While very grounded, "Being a Muslim" frequently has beautiful passages that illustrate the beauty the author finds in her devotion. An example (p. 186): "In Islam, human beings are not deemed to be intrinsically evil. We have the potential to be higher than angels or lower than animals."

    Dr. Tatari makes an important point that religion and science are not incompatible, and that questioning one's religion is not a sin: "I have learned that this natural...questioning is a gift of God to find Him and that in numerous Qur'anic verses He urges us to question everything." This is important because all too often to express curiosity, to question, and yes, to occasionally doubt is seen as the currency of the faithless or the "doubters" when in reality it is the often the means of getting closer to God.

    "Being a Muslim" is a thought-provoking read, no matter what one's background is. I highly recommend it.
    Eren Tatari
    Eren Tatari

    Dr. Tatari is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Rollins College, FL. She completed her Ph.D. at Indiana University and her M.A. from Purdue University. She received a B.A. from Franklin and Marshall College, PA in Government and Economics. Her teaching and research focus on Islam and Muslims in the West.