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    Pillars of Faith Series

    by Osman Oral
    • PAPERBACK : 2014-04-15 • 492 Pages • 6 x 9 inch inches • ISBN 9781597848688
    • CATEGORIES Interfaith Dialogue, Backlist, Forthcoming
    • PRICE : $32.95
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    6 books combined in a box:

    I Believe in Allah
    I Believe in the Angels
    I Believe in the Divine Books
    I Believe in the Prophets
    I Believe in the Hereafter
    I Believe in the Destiny and Divine Decree

    Extra From Volume I of the recently released Pillars of Faith Series

    The Remedy of Repenting One’s Sins

    One day Bayazid al-Bistami asked a doctor if he could recommend a cure for his sinning disease. The doctor replied, “I know nothing about the sinning disease; I only prepare cures for the mad.” A patient from the hospital heard the conversation, and calling Bayazid over, the man said, “Mix the roots of remorse with the leaves of repentance, beat this with the pastle of Divine Unity in the mortar of the heart, pass it through the sieve of fair-mindedness and knead it with tears and cook it in the oven of love and affection; if you eat plenty of this, morning and night, you will have been totally cured of your disease.” Hearing this excellent remedy Bayazid departed in amazement, saying: “And they locked you up here saying you are insane!”
    Osman Oral
    Osman Oral

    Osman Oral is a teacher of religious culture and ethics at a public school in Kayseri and has publications on the essentials of Islamic faith in his native Turkish