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Messenger, the: Prophet Muhammad and His Life of Compassion

by Resit Haylamaz and Y.A.Aslandogan
  • PAPERBACK : 2018-04-01 • Pages • 6 x 9 inches inches • ISBN 9781597849326
  • CATEGORIES Interfaith Dialogue, Backlist, Forthcoming
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There is a new interest in discovering the ethos of Islam and the life lessons of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) driven, unfortunately, by the tragic events of the early twenty-first century. This book serves this interest in significant ways. First, it narrates the life of the Noble Prophet, shedding light upon segments of his life that are either neglected or glossed over in conflict-focused biographies. The narrations in this book revolve around various strategies to avoid conflicts, the use of diplomacy and other methods, and approaches to reconciliation in the aftermath of conflicts. In narrating these events, the book helps the readers broaden their perspective on the life of the Messenger of God and better capture the ethos of his life. Indeed, both Muslims and non-Muslims may benefit from this understanding at a time when violent extremist groups such as ISIS are causing carnage with their brutality while dressing their totalitarian ideologies in Muslim garb. The book exposes the hypocritical and willful deception of radical groups which cherrypick incidents and sayings from the Prophet’s life, decontextualize them and abuse them to serve their perverted ideologies.
The book reveals a number of striking facts, including the following:
In the roughly 8,000 days of his life as God’s Messenger, the time he spent in active combat does not exceed 3 days.
In these armed conflicts, the recorded loss of life is 217 Muslims and 287 non-Muslims.