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A Life in Tears: Understanding Fethullah Gulen and His Call to Service

by Salih Yucel
  • PAPERBACK : 2017-11-01 • 262 Pages • 6x9 inch inches • ISBN 978-1-59784-933-3
  • CATEGORIES Interfaith Dialogue, Backlist, Forthcoming
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Fethullah Gülen is indeed a leading figure in the current Turkish socio-political context. While for many he is the inspirational Islamic scholar who promoted education and global dialogue, the authoritarian Turkish state sees him and the Hizmet Movement he inspired as a threat to their status quo. Regardless of the impression different circles have about him, it is universally acknowledged that he has had a life in tears dreaming of a “golden generation,” but also a life spent in persecution and ongoing trials. Like many independent thinkers, he is an accomplished author and scholar who have had to pay a high toll for his efforts to remain free from political influence. This book goes beyond the current controversy around his name, and tries to explore Gülen as a scholar around his certain personal traits and some of the key concepts he has been emphasizing over the years to mobilize his audience.

Salih Yucel
Salih Yucel

Salih Yücel is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilization, Charles Sturt University in Australia and he is also part-time lecturer at Australian Catholic University.